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The Man in the Yellow Hat has a name!

The Man with the Yellow Hat is the first character introduced in the original adventures of the infamous monkey Curious George by Margret and H. A. Rey.

He is always seen wearing a bright yellow suit, a yellow necktie, and a wide-brimmed yellow hat. Although being among the few recurring characters evolving around George, he was never mentioned by name in the original adventures or in any subsequent content over more than sixty years! He is always referred to as "The Man" or fully "The Man with the Yellow Hat". Even when other people speak to George, they would refer to him as "Your friend". His first name was mentioned only once in H. A. Rey's book titled "See the Circus" published in 1946, where "The Man with the Yellow Hat" was referred to as "Ted". Sixty years later, in the animated movie Curious George (2006), the Man, is also referred to as "Ted" throughout the film, and his last name is revealed as being "Shackleford" in a deleted scene. Who could have guessed that Ted Shackleford was Curious George's best buddy!

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