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Our Logo is ready !

... and we are very proud of it!

What this Logo tells about us

To answer this question, let me first start by explaining the meaning behind our company name Comobi.

Comobi comes from "Co" + "Mobi".

"Co" relates to the first syllabe of "Kodomo" that means Children in Japanese. In Latin, it also has the meaning of "together" such in words like "cooperation", "coworking", etc.

"Mobi" also has a double signification. The primay one is about "moving", about a journey of new discoveries, encounters and play that children are on. "Mobi" also relates to "being active", which we believe is what children should do to grow and learn.

We wanted our Logo to reflect our company's vision, values and beliefs. Of course, originality and rememberability were very important features, but having a brand identity inspiring playfulness, trust and curiosity was our utmost goal.

Reaching this finale deisgn was definitely not an easy task, but the designer team did a great creative job to come up with a result that we are very proud of!

Sharing our experience

There are plenty of valuable ressources on internet describing the process to create a brand identity and ultimately a logo for your new startup.

With this post, we would like to share the concrete application of such creative process in a real world situation, hoping it can inspire and help fellow enterpreneurs in their own startup journey.

Start by who you are

Our Logo design journey started by clarifying our identity: who we are, what is the problem we want to solve, who is our audience, ... In brief, what is our story?

Upon this, we worked with our designers on a mood board (a collection of visual materials that evoke a certain style or concept). This was very useful to frame out the styles and colors that we identified ourselves to, and would be reflected in the future Logo design iterations.

Our Mood Board

Unleash your creativity

Once the team has agreed on the general visual concept, it is time to be creative!

Our designers went on drafting various Logo styles, exploring shapes, colors, arrangements broadly.

At this stage, it was important to explore as broadly as possible the various design styles possibilities. Each of the design was reviewed carefully with the team, and little by little started to see patterns and styles that were appealing to us. Through such iterative process, we reached concensus on 2 design candidates to move to the next step.

Examples of candidate designs

Test with your audience

Design appreciation is a very personnal matter. We could have spend weeks arguing in the team about which Logo was better without reaching a conclusion.

So we decided to ask directly to the people whose opinion mattered the most: our audience!

We created an anonymous survey to which more than 50 parents of young children answered.

The survey result clearly indicated a design preference, and it also confirmed our assumptions and expectations about the brand's perception through the Logo.

The biggest added value of this survey was it highlighted the improvements needed to reach our goals. This gave to the team a lot of confidence to move forward in the creative work.

Target Audience A/B design survey result

Fine tune

We leveraged the feedback of the surveys to refine the finale Logo, and focused on improving its "clarity" and enhancing the inspiration of "Trustworthiness", "Smartness" and "Innovativeness".

With our designer, we fine tuned the letter designs, the colors and overal balance of the Logo.

"M" letter design tentatives
3D build of our Logo in Blender, "Cubes" surface etching


When we started the Logo design creative process, our advisor Robert, CEO of a digital marketing agency with more than 25 years experience in the industry, told us:

"There is not a single answer when designing a brand. But when you reach your goal, you will have this "Aha !" moment that will clear all your doubts".

True. Very True. This logo is the result of the collaboration work of the whole Comobi team, and although it is the very beginning of our journey, it also feels like a great achievment.

Hope you found this post interesting, would love to get your comments or story.

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