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Book of the day: Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes

Updated: Mar 12

Title: Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes

Authors: Anna KEMP & Sara OGILVIE

Age: 3+

Corpus: #animals, #emotions #colors

Theme: #imagination, #busyparents, #listening


Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakes is a fun and nonsensical book with an important message for parents. Meet Daisy whose parents never listen to her. Not even when she tries to tell them about her newest friend, a big, purple rhino who loves eating pancakes. It’s not until Dad’s pancakes go missing and they take a trip to the zoo that Daisy’s parents finally believe her that there is a Rhino living in their house……and eating all their pancakes!

Read along tips:

The below questionning tips for read along are inspired from the dialogic reading methodology that puts the children at the center of story telling.

For more about this methodology, please refer to our post

[Wh Prompts] - Directed questions, to deepen the understanding of the book

Q: Where is this? (pointing out the places Daisy saw the Rhino)

Q: What is this animal? What is their color ? (pointing out on animals in the Zoo)

Q: Do you like pancakes?

[Open Ended Prompts] - Letting children reflect and come with own answers

Q: Why do you think Daisy / the Rhinos feels lonely?

Q: Why do you think the parents do not listen to Daisy?

Q: Can you describe me what you see here ? (Daisy's room at end of the story)

[Recall Prompts] - Letting children remember the story

Q: What is this story about? (before starting reading)

Q: Do you remember how the Rhino went back home?

Q: Do you remember the animals Daisy saw in the zoo?

[Distancing Prompts] - Engaging conversation on similar experience

Q: Do you feel sometimes that we are not listening to you?

Q: Do you remember which animals we saw at the zoo?

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