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My Story Box on Alexa

My Story Box

Available on Alexa devices!

A new skill to:​

  • Empower children to create stories

  • Listen to Aesop’s fables, narrated by professional voice actors and mixed with classical music

ask My Story Box for a story with a Cat

open My Story Box and play The Fox and the Crow


Engage children out of screens

Enable My Story Box and access 15 minutes of free story time every day!


How does it work?

We made it fun and intuitive, for children to experience the story creation process and easily reach the story they like!

Aesop’s Fables is a collection of fables written by a slave and storyteller who lived in Ancient Greece. They are mostly short animal stories and all end with moral advice.

The fables remain a popular choice for the moral education of children today.

Aesop has written more than 200 fables! That's a lot to enjoy and discover.

Aesop's fables

Voice as an alternative to screens

Smart speakers can be a great way to help children take a break from screens, remove distractions and help focus to improve their learning.


Let them immerse themselves in stories!

Comobi Freetime

By subscribing to Comobi FreeTime, support us on our mission to help parents and children spend valuable time out of screens.

With Comobi FreeTime, you get:
- unlimited story time - unleash your children's creativity and curiosity!
- bedtime story & timer setting - listen to stories in a row, before sleeping.

Want to know more?

Ask "Comobi Freetime" to My Story Box!

alexa Bedtime.png

All children deserve 15 minutes of daily storytime

Give it a try, see the magic happening!


Coming soon!

What if ... you could record your own read-alouds of books, and that your children could listen to them at anytime on an Alexa device?

We'll make this possible very soon!

Many other new exciting features are coming, check out our user forum and share your opinion!

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