We help parents easily and meaningfully engage with their children

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The time a child will have spent passively watching videos by the age of 7

Parenting: a beautiful,
yet difficult job

Raising a young child is an extremely rewarding experience. However, it is also a daily struggle for parents who want to balance their own time while continuously and meaningfully engaging with their children.

Videos, mobile games, etc., are a fallback solution, that comes along with concerns around  adverse effects of excessive exposure and questionable contribution to young children’s development.


At Comobi, we believe there should be a better way.


of parents believe that less screen time is better

Who We Are

Founded by a concerned parent of three young boys, Guillaume and his technology and MBA buddy Ron, Comobi Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based startup that operates in the early childhood education technology (EduTech) industry.

Our mission is to help parents easily and meaningfully engage with their children. We believe that technology, when used correctly, will unlock new possibilities for early child education. We strive to bring smiles on the faces of parents and children!


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Our Commitment


Meaningful Engagement

At Comobi, we are committed to delivering an experience that will help your children growth.


We believe in young children’s natural ability to learn, and want to build an environement that nurture their curiosity and make the best of their time.


Support you as a parent

Parenting was never meant to be a job to be done alone. At Comobi, we strive to help modern parents easily engage with their children while staying connected.

We want to make parenting fun again, and to help you build life lasting bonds with your children.


Child Safe Environment

Providing a safe, secure and trustable environment for your children is our utmost priority.


We are committed to ensuring the safety of children and protection of their privacy. We value transparency about our usage of technology.


Sustainable Partnerships

Comobi is committed to protecting the interests of publishers, authors and more generally copyright owners.

We want to develop sustainable partnerships with our stakeholders with mutual benefit interest in mind, and promote great content that benefits children and parents.



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