Hi, we are Comobi.

A social venture helping parents to easily and meaningfully engage with their children.




of parents believe that less screen time is better

The daily struggle of keeping children engaged

We are parents, constantly looking for ways to keep children engaged in activities that are not only playful, but also beneficial to their development. And it's not always easy to manage in our busy life.

Passive screen time

Videos, mobile games are on the rise to keep children occupied. While it does keep kids engaged for significant periods, many parents and early childhood educators share concerns about adverse effects of excessive screen time and its potential effects on children development.


Can playtime be durably engaging and meaningful at the same time,so parents do not need to compromise?


Meaningful, autonomous playtime

Early childhood educators are unanimous: what young children need the most is active engagement. Inspired by Montessori education method, we put at the core of Comobi experience the child's autonomy and their interaction with the real world (their books, their toys, their parents,...).


Rethinking technology

Technology holds tremendous opportunities for early childhood education, but also brings headaches for parents that are conscious about building good digital habits for their children. We are on a journey to create a safe and trustable environment that makes parenting fun and easier, while reinventing our little ones relationship with technology.


Meet the founders

Comobi is a Japan based startup in EdTech / ParentTech, founded by two MBA buddies. We are also parents, and like many, we resorted on digital solutions to engage children at home during the Covid lockdowns. We felt pain, we felt stress and guilt, and this triggered the Comobi adventure !


Guillaume MATHIEU

Cofounder and CEO

Guillaume is a french/japanese binational, an experienced senior leader with 18+ years managing big projects, big teams in IOT services, hardware and systems engineering at top automotive companies. And also a (frustrated) father of 3 young boys.


Cofounder and CTO

Ex-Microsoft, ex-Google, Ron brings his deep knowledge and leadership experience in IT and software development. Ron strives for meaningful technology, and the challenge to reinvent early childhood education.


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